Restorative Touch Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Angela Contreras, CMT, EMP

60 minute ~ $85.
75 minute ~ $100.
90 minute ~ $115.
30mn Arm Focused Massage $45.

Hot Stone ~ $25. additional
Aromatherapy ~ $10. additional

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12:00 to 7:30

10:00 to 5:30

10:00 to 5:00

​Each Therapeutic Massage is individually designed for the clients specific needs,  using a variety of the modalities listed below.

Swedish Massage ~
 Used to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and release muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage ~
 Relieves chronic patterns of muscular tension by using slow strokes, direct
pressure or cross grain friction. Trigger Point Therapy will also be used  where needed.

Esalen Massage ~
 Based on a combination of many massage and bodywork techniques. It combines long
strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movements, and sculpting of deep musculature, as well
as an energetic balancing of the body.

Myofascial Release ~
 Long deep strokes are utilized to release and unwind the fascia (connective tissue)
which surrounds and connects every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and organ in our bodies .Releasing
these restrictions allows us to discharge physical pain as well as correct structural misalignments.

Trigger Point Therapy ~
Releasing of softening a muscle knot to reduce (or eliminate) the knot pain and associated pain. This release happens by applying various levels of pressure to muscle knots, pushing fresh blood in, and flushing waste material out. 

Hot Stone Therapy ~
 Uses warm stones to relax and ease sore muscles. A deeply relaxing addition to any massage.

AromaTherapy ~
 The topical use of Therapeutic grade Essential Oils during the massage. Inhaling these scents help create a deeper more relaxed state.

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